Maine micro enterprise project : conducted among Maine women micro business owners

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Maine Micro Enterprise Project sought to identify the contributing components to the successful operation of micro business among Maine women business owners. Part of this population of business owners are involved in the programs sponsored by the Women's Business Development Corporation, a non profit, private economic development corporation. Information that was gathered through interviews, focus groups and surveys was intended to inform and shape the products and services WBDC offers to women micro business owners. The project results would also help determine the potential demand for services and the future needs of this group. Although the research made many of the demands of the micro-entrepreneurs clear and some applications readily apparent, it is still not evident if the products and services developed from this information would stimulate and nurture micro-business success. Some services derived from this project are already being tested. Further study over the period of several years would be necessary to understand the effect on micro enterprise of various components of the micro development plan suggested by this study. Accordingly a better definition of "business success" as encountered in this project could, constitute another study for the future. (Author abstract)