Youth enterepreneurship initiative : a case of Kitunda Ward in Ilala Municipality, Dar Es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
The project is based in Kitunda ward where most parents are of low income. A big number of youths who have completed primary education and some who didn't manage to get primary education are unemployed mainly due to lack of employment skills. The situation has increased poverty in the area and the youths are the most affected group because some of them have been stopped from going to school by their parents or guardians. These parents or guardians use these youths to undertake some income generating activities in order to support the households economically. The Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative Project aims at conducting vocational training programs to the disadvantaged Kitunda youths in various handcraft skills. The goal of the project is to empower the community youths economically through vocational training in order to make them self employed. The targeted group is composed of orphans and other kinds of disadvantaged youths. The project has devised a mechanism that will create self-employment by using its different vocational training programmes such as carpentry, tailoring, batik making, molding and entrepreneurship course; in the process address issues concerned with reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic. In this entrepreneurship initiative the project will assist the community youths undergoing training to be able to produce and sell handcraft thus helping them economically and at the same time helping the sustainability of the project. In the long run these youths will be able to transfer the knowledge to their community fellows and therefore forming a larger youth entrepreneurship undertaking. (Author abstract)