The role of women in improving living standard at household level : the case of Mwanga North Kigoma/Ujiji

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Southern New Hampshire University
Women income generating activities are common in many communities in Tanzania and have enormous contribution in improving the living standard of the household. Unfortunately they are not well facilitated and their contribution is not well acknowledged in many societies. This project analysed the contribution of women income generating activities in Mwanga North Ward in Kigoma/Ujiji Municipality. The project used a case study approach and a Women Promotion Centre Community Based Organization (CBO), located in Mwanga North ward, was used as a case. Data was collected through documentary review, interviews, observation and focus group discussion. Findings indicated that households where women performed income generating activities had a higher standard of living compared to the households where women depended solely on their husbands. Income earned from women's income generating activities supplemented men's income and provision of household requirements was constant. When men had problems at work such as salary delays and/or suspension women took the responsibilities to provide for household basic requirements. When husbands dead the widows who used to perform income generating activities were in a position of sustaining their families. On the other side families that women depended solely on their husbands in most cases were at risk. It is recommended that women where possible should look on engaging into small enterprises that can contribute in increasing their household income. Women engaging in group or individual business should diversify their activities in order to get better results. (Author abstract)