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Backwoods cures: An exploration of Southern Appalachian folk medicine

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dc.contributor.advisor Denning, Robert
dc.contributor.advisor Chung, Yun Perry, Katherine E. Berrios, Katherine E. 2020-04-16T14:35:00Z 2020-04-16T14:35:00Z 2018-07
dc.description.abstract The people of the Southern Appalachians have a unique culture all their own. An important component of this culture can be observed in the manner in which these individuals chose to combat that enemy of all mankind: disease. A beautiful amalgamation of cultures including Cherokee, Scotch-Irish, and other European ancestries is present in this region and exhibited through the rural remedies utilizing a rich local pharmacopeia and magico-religious folklore related to healing. However, the people of the Southern Appalachians, while geographically isolated, did not exist in a vacuum. Exciting discoveries of local primary sources demonstrate the employment of contemporary medicine in tandem with what was available locally. This project also examines the utility of virtual museums. Together with the research on the subject of Southern Appalachian Folk Medicine, the research on virtual museums culminates in the creation of a digital exhibition using the Omeka exhibit building platform. This exhibition can be visited at the following link: (Author abstract) en_US
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dc.publisher Southern New Hampshire University en_US
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dc.rights Author retains all ownership rights. Further reproduction in violation of copyright is prohibited en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Southern New Hampshire University -- Theses (History) en_US
dc.subject.other history en_US
dc.subject.other American history en_US
dc.subject.other world history en_US
dc.subject.other Appalachian Mountains en_US
dc.subject.other Appalachia en_US
dc.subject.other folk medicine en_US
dc.subject.other remedies en_US
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dc.title Backwoods cures: An exploration of Southern Appalachian folk medicine en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.contributor.committeeMember Chan, Christopher
dc.description.bibliographicCitation Perry, K.E. (2018). Backwoods cures: An exploration of Southern Appalachian folk medicine. Retrieved from en_US Master Arts en_US
dc.description.program History en_US College of Online and Continuing Education en_US
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dc.rightsHolder Perry, Katherine E.

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