Local chicken productivity improvement project for Kikundi Cha Wafugaji Kuku Bukerebe Village : Magu District, Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
In rural areas of Tanzania local chickens are among of the potential enterprises that quickly and reasonably can generate income for the poor households. That potential notwithstanding, the sub sector is facing several production constraints that have limited its potentials for contributing to poverty alleviation. The constraints include low management capacity, low genetic potentials, diseases and poor marketing strategies. Diseases are the major constraint, and in particular New Castle Disease (NCD), which causes high mortality of up to 100% of the stock. Despite the mentioned constraints local chicken are birds found almost in all farmer households in the rural areas. That situation is an indication that local chicken is an economic opportunity of which farmers can learn easily the entrepreneurial skills required for making local poultry keeping a reliable source for income generation and household food security. Thus, through capacity building farmers can develop the necessary attitude, knowledge and skills for keeping local poultry as an economic enterprise. Guided by the possibilities for developing enterprising local poultry keepers, the study focused on designing and implementing process for improving capacity of members of local poultry keeping group. Through capacity building to the members the expected outcome is productivity improvement and enhancement of income from the sales of chicken products. The members involved in the local poultry keeping are 36 of which women are 24 and 12 men. The group is located in Kisesa village in Magu district. The overall objective for establishing the project is to put in place a reliable source of income to members through productivity improvement of the local poultry. In response to ensuring attainment of the objective, the capacity building processes emphasis has been on entrepreneurial knowledge and skills related to management, genetic improvement techniques and strategies for diseases control especially new castle disease. (Author abstract)