Project paper on promotion of sustainability program for the Claremont public school system

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Southern New Hampshire University
The City of Claremont has long had an educational funding problem. In the early 1990's the city sued the state government to obtain better funding for its schools, this was called the Claremont Decision. While the state of New Hampshire lost the law suit, it has not, as yet paid the monies to the city that it owes. The Claremont school system suffers from a need of maintenance as well as the need for repairs and upgrades. In an effort to start to rectify the funding issue, this paper discusses the design and implementation of the Snow Day School program that will bring additional monies into the school system. This program will not affect the tax base of the city and should make the city more desirable as a place to live. Snow Day School will be the first Fee Based program enacted in the Claremont School System. (Author abstract)