[East Attucks Learning Center]

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "A lack of adequate day-care facilities in the Kansas City area -particularly in the inner city, particularly that serve low and moderate income populations. A lack of access to early childhood learning and skill development for children in those populations. A lack of day-care facilities willing to accept subsidized clients due to the complications of working with the state and county bureaucracy. A lack of centers affordably priced to for low and moderate income populations. A lack of day-care facilities not seeking high profitability and providing services to the community rather than a baby-sitting operation.... I was asked by the sponsor group, East Attucks Community Housing, Inc.(EACH), and their sister operation, East Attucks Social Program, Inc.(EASP), to coordinate an effort to plan the construction and development of a non-profit day-care center on their land that would serve 100 children. I agreed that I would create the business plan, the curriculum plan, the family program plan, and, participate in seeking funding for the center. My work was to end when construction financing was secured, the funds for equipping and operating the center were in place, and the above mentioned plans were completed and accepted by their Board of Directors." (Library-derived description)