Perceptions of learning during a transition to one-to-one technology in ninth grade: a case study

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Southern New Hampshire University
In a school district located in the northeastern United States, administrators and parents of some ninth graders decided to have their students participate in a program using 1:1 technology (meaning each child has a personal web-enabled device) in the classroom. The purpose of this case study was to gain insight into the way digital tools and information resources in a public high school affect student perceptions of learning. The participants chosen for this study were students entering 9th grade in a public high school. Using an ethical framework that focused on reciprocal benefits for the researcher and community, this study was focused on student perceptions of learning with and without technology. Through this study, the researcher gained insight into equity and gained greater understanding regarding the role of information and communication technology for education from the learner’s perspective. The community gained a deep understanding of the need for consistent, reliable technology for their students and staff to use for teaching and learning. (Author abstract)