The Impact of Presidential Executive Orders and Declarations on Minority Groups

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Southern New Hampshire University
This Capstone Project studies the impact that Presidential Executive Orders have had upon minority groups in the United States. The primary elements of this capstone project focus on specific Presidential Executive Orders that altered the lives of minority groups in the United States. The project includes an Omeka online exhibition titled The Impact of Presidential Executive Orders on Minority Groups. The minority groups incorporated in the project are Japanese Americans, Native Americans, slaves, African Americans, and Arab or Middle Eastern descent. Factors associated with these groups include politics, racism, desegregation, immigration, slavery, terrorism, war, economics, and other societal issues that resulted in the application of Executive Orders. Present-day historians, scholars, and academia provide archival resources regarding the specifics of Executive Orders with limited discussion of the effects or impact of their use. This project recognizes the significance of Executive Orders and the positive and negative aspects that occurred. The primary idea presented is that Presidential Executive Orders directly impact minority groups without the approval of the legislative branch. Each component represented throughout the project utilized primary sources and secondary sources from different presidents and eras. The sources focus on the Executive Order themselves through government records and the resulting experiences of those affected. Additional sources include photographs, personal letters, and miscellaneous documents related to the short and long-term consequences to each minority group. The assessment of these sources of information supports the thesis and argument about the consequences of applying Executive Orders when it comes to minority groups.