Fastest Warming Body of Water in the World

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Southern New Hampshire University
From the mid-1980s to the present day the Gulf of Maine has been closely monitored due to the ever-warming body of water. The Gulf of Maine is the fastest-warming body of water in the world and the main reason scientists think that is because of various studies performed from the 1980s to the present day. What they found was that it was due to global warming. Cold currents coming from the north are not inputting enough of the cold water and inputting warmer water coming in from other currents. Researchers found out that since 2012 the Gulf of Maine has been warming up by 0.03 Celsius per year (Shelley). The warming body of water is causing a big environmental effect on the marine life that lives there. Migration patterns are also being affected because of the warming body of water making some species less abundant in the area like the write whale that is only really found in Maine. The warming of not only the Gulf of Maine but other bodies of water is concerning, but with the right global laws put into place some of these problems could easily be fixed.