Revolutionary Women: Notable Revolutionary Era Women Deserving of a Commemorative Postage Stamp

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Southern New Hampshire University
Revolution is a term globally recognized. Throughout Earth’s history, there have been countless social endeavors classified as revolutions. Some revolutions result in social justice, some result in the birth of a nation; on the eve of the 19th century in North America, a revolution of the latter took place. The American Revolution gave way to the formation of a new nation and a history of the United States of America began. In American and much of world history, many of the details are dominated with male driven successes, stories of male heroes, and a presidential history of all male leaders. The revolutionary war and its history has been studied and taught for over two hundred years and during these two hundred plus years, the narrative has narrowed in on men, The Founding Fathers. However, any narrowing of information is damaging to the character of the entire era. It is for this reason, one should ask were all the founders fathers; or were some of those that made an impact on the revolution mothers and daughters too? Although abundantly studied in academics, a public involvement in the study and commemoration of female revolutionaries is a pioneer endeavor. One of the most commemorative actions the nation can take is putting remarkable women on postage stamp that can be seen and used across the United States. The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) was formed with the expectation impactful people, places, and things may be commemorated as the nation should see fit. Through evidence and ideas, it is evident that a stamp set about revolutionary era women is a serious contender for become the next major collectable commemorative set.