Home based care project for people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans : the case of Kirumba Ward, Mwanza

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Southern New Hampshire University
Past and the ongoing efforts in dealing with HIV/AIDS and orphans problem in the Kirumba Ward have minimal impacts compared to the expectations. This is so because the approaches by organizations both NGOs and Government related that are providing services in the Ward have minimal strategies for involving the local communities in dealing with the situation. These organizations have been in Mwanza since the late 1980s but minimal efforts have been directed towards encouraging local communities to undertake HIV/AIDS intervention programs. As a result, the community reactions to the attitudes are negative and they perceive them as mere data collectors and also they are not utilizing donor funds objectively. That situation has resulted into a continuation of the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Current initiatives have shown that participatory approaches involving all stakeholders as well as empowering local communities to take charge of HIV/AIDS problem have more chances of success. Scaling up of experience obtained so far, exploiting indigenous knowledge of the area, improvement in the information flow and dealing with unmet needs are some of the strategies for the way forward in attaining sustainable solution for HIV/AIDS and orphans problem in Kirumba Ward and Mwanza City as a whole. (Author abstract)