Project proposal for solid waste collection : Kawe Community Development Trust

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Southern New Hampshire University
There exist excellent opportunities for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to provide a wide range of urban services including waste management in the informal settlement, which have a direct positive impact on community health, creation of employment, income generation and poverty reduction. The purpose of this study is to see how a CBO involve the community in the solid waste management project in order to solve the problem of uncollected waste after the failure of the municipal council to do so. The study examines the performance of the existing solid waste collection and disposal practices, community willingness to participate and identifying problems relating to the solid waste management system of the Kawe community. The findings have been used in preparing an improved solid waste collection project proposal required by the CBO. The study was carried out in two areas (Ukwamani and Mzimuni), where Kawe Community Development Trust a duly registered CBO is established. Methods used in the study are, questionnaires, interviews and observation. It has been found that there is illegal dumping of waste; low level of awareness and environmental health related diseases afflict the community. Over 80% of the community members accepted to participate through paying refuse collection fees. The success of community based solid waste management project depends on the participation of the community from the initial stage of designing the project, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Soliciting funds for implementing the project is important as well as providing training and sensitization of the community. (Author abstract)