Savings mobilization in Mkukuwambo savings and credit scheme

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Southern New Hampshire University
MKUKUWAMBO Savings and Credit Scheme is a community-based organization situated in Mbozi District, Mbeya region, the southern part of Tanzania. Objective of the scheme is to contribute to the improvement of living standards of Mbozi residents through Savings and Credit provision. Need assessment conducted in a participatory way revealed that the scheme face problem of low capital investment to meet credit demand needed by members. The scheme has 75 groups with average of 5-10 members in each group. The scheme had 25,000,000/= capital when the study was conducted. The main causes of this problem include inadequate savings strategies, and inadequate skills in business developmentThe survey was conducted with the purpose of assessing the existing situation in regarding to savings mobilization and collect information by using primary and secondary data. The findings revealed that there were no savings strategies and 75% of the respondents suggested for improvement.The project was implemented with the purpose of improving savings mobilization so as to increase savings volume and enable the scheme to increase capital investment. Activities implemented enabled to achieve the intended objectives of developing savings strategy that was used in mobilizing savings as well as train members on business development skills which enabled members to indulge into profitable economic activities. Monitoring and evaluation system helped, the project to realize achievement of 95% of the planned activities, and managed to increase savings from 25, 0000, 000/= to 69,000,000/=, increased members from 75 to 123 by December 2006. High costs of savings mobilization, community perceptions toward savings mobilization were the challenges encountered during project implementation. The project will continue to function taking into account that the project is a community initiative. By and large savings mobilization is a tool for poverty reduction. (Author abstract)