Project "Bailundo 2000" : the revival of a community

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "Towards the end of 1993, the general degradation of [Bailundo, Angola)] left a great number of its residents locked in poverty, and helplessness. Kids of several age groups, were on the streets without parents, proper shelter or education and the collapse of the agricultural production resulted in a shortage of food supplies to the community. By United Nations estimates, about 30,000 community residents were threatened with starvation. The food shortage and the "street kids" were the two issues that needed urgent attention in order to bring back to the community a sense of hope and self-confidence. The majority of the people who came in from other areas, were of rural origin and lacked skills appropriate for town life. Moreover, the lack of government programs and absence of local sources of funding limited the ability of local organizations to respond to these needs, making the community dependent on international NGOs and UN agencies for food supplies. Bailundo has always been a community whose economy was based on agriculture. The constrains imposed on this activity by war conditions and by the policies followed by the government for a long time, have combined to erode the community's foundation." (Library-derived description)