The Community Economic Development alumni resource book

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "Thirteen years ago, the first students entered the halls of New Hampshire College to further their education in their chosen vocation of Community Economic Development (CED). Since the graduation of the class of 1982, students have followed the same path to New Hampshire from all over North America. The New Hampshire College CED Program also lit a beacon with an international CED program that attracts students from around the world. An intensive database has always been kept on all students. This includes those students who successfully complete their training and those who, for whatever reason, make the decision to return at a later time to finish. Those students that have earned their Masters Degree in the field of Community Economic Development have gone on to become nationally recognized and noted experts in the areas of community loan funds, credit unions, micro-enterprise development programs, peer lending groups, land trust, co-op housing project and much more. Alumni are also recognized as lobbyists in state and federal government to effectively promote equitable promote equitable political change in serving the interest of all communities. Although an intensive database is maintained by the CED Program's administration, the ever present challenge of updating the constantly evolving alumni practitioners mailing list is crying out for HELP. That cry has been heard and I am responding to it." (Library-derived description)