Improvement of community health care in Yombo Vituka Ward : the case study of Yokida

Lucas, Jocelyne David
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Southern New Hampshire University
Health facilities play a vital role towards health development of any country. It is particularly important in a country like Tanzania where resources and technology are more limited. The emphasis is on the need for increasing community involvement in health development and improve access and equity in health and health services. The community Economic Development project is called Improvement of Community Health Care at Yombo Vituka ward. The situation is worse during the rain season as geographical location of the area allows floods causing the area to be like an Island, then there is poor sanitation and drainage system causing mosquito breeding and poor accessibility to the area. Therefore, the community based organization called Yombo Kilakala Development Association (YOKIDA) decided to start up the plan of building a dispensary and improvement of sanitation in the area. The community Dispensary Project at Kilakala locality will help in reduction of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality rates. Secondly, increase in life expectancy through provision of adequate and equitable maternal and child health services, promotion of adequate nutrition, control of communicable diseases and treatment of common conditions. Furthermore, the long distance walk to Temeke District Hospital will be shortened by having the dispensary in the area. (Author abstract)