Canvassing indigenous economics : the Oneida Trust Fund as a socially responsible investment model from passive rhetoric to proactive reality

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The focus of this project is on an intriguing example of alternative economics. The Oneida Trust Fund is a portion of Oneida land claim settlement from 1967 that includes additional tribal contributions of revenue generated by various economic development ventures of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. The Oneida Trust Fund is designated as a capital and income growth resource for an elderly per capital payment distribution plan. This project serves not only as a research document, but also provides a preliminary model of implementation for further development of the trust fund. It is my intent to demonstrate how we can broaden the scope of the Oneida Trust Fund by incorporating a component of socially responsible investment strategies while utilizing existing financial markets. I believe that self interest and collective interest can be mutually supportive. By creating the framework of a model that combines both mainstream investing, value oriented investing and community reinvestment vehicles, the achieved outcome will be an increased diversified overall portfolio that will provide for capital growth inclusive of meaningful cultural values." (Library-derived description)