The contribution of local NGOs/CBO in care and support of orphans : Mpiji Village

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Southern New Hampshire University
This research is aimed at reporting the progress of Huruma Trust Fund (HUTRUF) as an organization, and the analysis of the undertaken projects in support of community development efforts at Mpiji Village. Among others, the main focus is on the Support and Care of Orphans, which is an activity so far carried out by HUTRUF in Mpiji village. The study involved the collection of primary and secondary data from the field by interviewing guardians, village leaders, NGO leaders and selected community members. Data was analyzed to find out how HUTRUF has managed to enhance the ability of the Mpiji Community members to respond to the needed care and support of orphans. The results indicate that the local NGOs and CBOs are very capable to reach the community needs and also the responses of community towards the works of local NGOs and CBOs is positive. Although the study shows that there were few problems during project implementation, still the general performance of HUTRUF organization was very encouraging. Local NGOs and CBOs need support from Government and other stake holders to enable them improve their performance. Capacity building of NGOs and Communities is very crucial for the effectiveness and efficiency of their development initiatives. (Author abstract)