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Much of Karl's work reflected the natural world, the world of working people, and the animals around him. He produced a number of enameled versions of pond life, ranging from small bowls with a single green toad to large enamels portraying a veritable aquarium full of pond creatures. Many other themes confined from his earlier life in Europe - religious stories and legends including St George slaying the dragon (which he had utilized in Florence), and a revelation of St Hubert of the crucifixion between the antlers of a stag. Both symbols stand as metaphors for Drerup's work - St Geroge for the struggle against evil, and St. Hubert for the sanctity of the natural world and its redemptive power for mankind. Some of his images were whimsical like the fish themes which he used repeatedly, arose from Karl's memories of life on the Mediterranean Other themes included masks of comedy and drama, mermaids and mermen, and characters from mythology. Pan playing his flute while on the back of a goat, a wide spectrum of circus, stage and carnival performers appear repeatedly in his paintings and enamels. Further information is available on the artist website,