Capacity building of the UWAMALE farmers' group at Lekitatu Village

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Southern New Hampshire University
UWAMALE Farmers' Group constitutes a force of 30 members (9 women, 21 men) with the potential of reaching a membership base of 300 in the very near future. The Group is located at Lekitatu Village, Usa Ward, Poli Division in Arumeru District, It was formed with the aim of combining individual efforts to penetrate the market and also to try and reduce some transactions costs with the objective of increasing productivity and income. During the community needs assessment carried out in December 2005, it was revealed that low income is the main problem among the members. Further analysis attributed this problem to lack of marketing skills. The Group has received assistance through the River Basin Management and Smallholder Irrigation Improvement Project (RBM-SIIP)1,which carried out a substantial rehabilitation of their irrigation infrastructure. The Group is also benefiting through training provided by the Traditional Irrigation and Environmental Development Organization (host organization). This project aimed at strengthening the UWAMALE group through selected areas of capacity building (training) in order to hasten achievement of the desired benefits, which are primarily vested in increased income and food security. (Author abstract)