High incidence of unemployment among African refugees in the city of Concord, NH

Mbata-Aboro, Philip R.
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Southern New Hampshire University
The master project proposal intends to reduce the high incidence of unemployment among the African Refugees in the city of Concord, New Hampshire. From 1997-2006, the State of New of Hampshire received 4063 refugees from more than 30 countries and they represent a diverse group of ethnic minorities. It is estimated that 1512 (37%) refugees were received from African nations and out which, the city of Concord received 366 refugees as the estimated target group for this project. Under the RSA112, refugees are resettled to New Hampshire by the United States Department through Immigration and Naturalization Services and the voluntary agencies. The preliminary process of resettlement begins at the United Nations High Commission for refugees, located in the first country of asylum. The African refugees in the city of Concord continue to experience socio-economic hardships while struggling to adjust into their new home. Lack of immediate intervention, has lead to high incidence of unemployment among these refugees. The project has used variety of studies and applications to collect both primary and secondary data. The project conducted survey/ questionnaire, one- on meeting, group discussion, interview and the review of documents. The project provided essential inputs and partnership had enabled the target community accessed affordable childcare and Driver's license and other basic life skills. The project had further improved participants' Employable skills and the knowledge of English language/proficiency. The project has bridged the cultural gap and improved participants' of American life style. The prospect of attaining stable income and employment will depend largely on competency enhancement and total skills improvement of the African refugees. (Author abstract)