An impact assessment of the Iringa Development of Youth, Women and Child Care (IDYDC) loans to women clients in the Iringa municipal area

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study enlightens the impact of Iringa Development of Youth, Women, Disabled and Childcare, (IDYDC) loans to female clients in the Iringa Municipality the scheme that was started in 1994, with the aim of providing sustainable capital source for marginalized groups, which include women and disabled. The study was done for the purpose of examining how IDYDC credit intervention has impacted on the creation of employment opportunities, business and income growth, business skills development, improved life standards and the ability to pay tax amongst the female clients it has been serving for ten years. By using questionnaire, focus group discussions and PRA tools namely seasonal analysis of income, expenditure, savings and credit; Household generation; Receipts and spending of cash analysis; Financial analysis and Product attribute ranking, 107 respondents were contacted. Research data reveals that for ten years of intervention, IDYDC Savings and Credit scheme has played a vital role in sustaining Micro Enterprises in Iringa Municipality through provision of business capital. However it has been learnt that this donor dependent scheme has a weak Management Information System. There are criticisms on lack of transparency, poor customer care, market irresponsiveness and questionable trustworthy which It is recommended that IDYDC should properly utilize the autonomy provided by the government in product development, operating and pricing with a sustainability outlook. The establishment of strong capital base, client retention, market responsiveness, strong MIS and control system, organizational capacity and ongoing innovations are likely to enhance, improve organizational image, operational practices and increase efficiency. 219 results to poor client retention and weak organizational image in the public. (Author abstract)