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Southern New Hampshire University
Most recently, the Trump Administration has taken a hard stance against the North Korean regime, against their nuclear build up, threats to other nations like Japan and South Korea, launching missiles, with nuclear capabilities towards and over the Sea of Japan, and showing a behavior that is considered unprofessional and dangerous. Some of the questions that the audience should be asking themselves before reading this, “how we got here as an international community, who were the leaders, past and present, that shown their commitment to peace and defense for South Korea, and over the course of history between these two nations, the United States of America and South Korea, how have relations improved and prosper, with obstacles and challenges as well?” Throughout this literature piece, you’ll find the information in a chronological fashion, helping you as the reader to better understand how the Korean War happened and how both western nations became partners that would last for decades and well into the future, not just with both governments, and militaries, but how American and Korean culture made their ways towards communities in America and in South Korea. Majority of the sources used throughout came from the Southern New Hampshire University Online Library, and others, came throughout the internet.