Community participation in the implementation of urban infrastructure upgrading project: the case of Mnyamani Village, Buguruni Ward, Dar Es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
The study was conducted to establish the participation of community in the implementation of the project addressing the identified needs. Also the information obtained has been used to give recommendations by which the community member can better participate in the implementation of urban infrastructure upgrading project. The study was conducted in an informal settlement of Mnyamani Street which is located in Buguruni found in Ilala district in Dar es Salaam city. Mnyamani Community Infrastructure Project was selected for this study because the student was involved in the whole project cycle, from needs assessment to the project implementation. It has been found that the local people participate well in the project when involved, however there were some challenges faced especially, in effective participation during the implementation. It seemed to be a challenge for those who are employed whether formal or informal to get involved in the activities, and it was further noted that the majority of the community members participated in resources contribution in the form of money but they did not involve themselves in physical/ field activities of the implementation. The cash contribution was also not done in time resulting to delayed implementation. Community mobilization and participation is a long process. There is need therefore to give adequate time to address different community issues and sensitize and train the community on the importance of participation, not to assume that all members of the community give the same importance and shared commitment. (Author abstract)