The French Modern State: Realizing the Shift in Architecture, Art, and Society in the 19th Century

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Southern New Hampshire University
The 19th century in Paris France is best known today as one of the most influential, industrial, and modern periods of the modern era. Its art was changing the way the art scene moved and how art was displayed and sold. Artists like Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, were some of the painters that helped this evolving art culture that forever changed the way art was viewed and expressed. Looking at the art helps us to see parts of the past that have long been forgotten or overlooked. What most don’t see is that the historiography of the 19th century leaves out important connections to the art, architecture, and science of Paris France. Gaps can be seen in the research regarding the architecture, art, and technological advances that were taking place during 1830-1899. This analysis will look to answer questions regarding connections made to the art and architecture of 19th century Paris France. In respect to the archival arrangements that are at the Art Institute of Chicago, there will also be a public program made for this project whose target is students ages 14-18 years in age. This public project will teach them about the connections that can be made to art history and the changing architecture of Paris.