Involving Homboza community in farm based income generating projects for poverty alleviation in Kisarawe District, Coast Region

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project paper presents findings from a project that intended to enhance the capacity of Nyota Njema, a community based organization which focus on poverty alleviation through involving youth and the general community in income generating projects which are non environmental destructive.The overall objective of this project was to assist the organization assess the situation design and implement developmental activities of their choice. However, the needs assessment done through participatory approach revealed that the organization members face a problem of income poverty due to lack of projects that can generate income. The decision made was to initiate agricultural projects, specifically planting Indian red type of mango as well operating a vegetable garden so that the organization can generate income in a long run. Through the implementation, the project has assisted the organization (Nyota Njema) in establishing two different agricultural projects of which all of them are income based. The established projects include a farm planted with Indian red mango trees, expected to take three years before start yielding mangoes. The second project is a green vegetable garden planted with eggplants and cucumbers. With regards to capacity building, project has trained members of the organization on management of horticulture project and diseases control. In general it can be concluded that to some extent the project has achieved its intended goal through empowering the organization in having projects that in the future can generate products for sale and earn income. (Author abstract)