The Ghosts of Borderlandia

The Ghosts of Borderlandia is a codex that refers to the borders that people build between themselves. In this codex, peoples are hidden by a wall or underground to symbolize the lack of sight that the borders create. The invisible borders create stereotypes that dehumanize the "other" and creates an "us vs. them" context. They may be between social classes, gender identity, religion, sex, ethnicities, and cultures.
Enrique Chagoya creates paintings and prints that are about the ever-changing nature of culture. His work is full of irreverent humor and uses a satirical viewpoint for religious and economic criticism and philosophic reflection. Chagoya was borns and raised in Mexico City. His father a bank employee by day and artist by night encouraged his interest in art by teaching Chagoya color theory and how to sketch at a very early age. As a young adult, Chagya enrolled in the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Where he studied political economy and contributed political cartoons to union newsletters. He relocated to Veracruz and directed a team focused on rural development projects. At 26, Chagoya moved to Berkley California and began working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer Disheartened by what he considered to be the narrow political scope of economics programs in local colleges, Chagoya turned his interests to art. In 2000, Chagoya became a citizen of the United States. He is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Stanford University, where he received the Dean's award from humanities. Chagoya's works are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The LA County Museum, The National Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Museum of Modern Art, Yale University Art Gallery, and the New York Public Library among others - Stanford University Faculty Biography.