Strategic plan to support interventions for Ngaramtoni street children

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Southern New Hampshire University
The problem of the street children in Ngaramtoni Kimnyaki ward is increasing. However there was no information of the overgrowing phenomenon. OSOTWA CBO working with street children and families affected by HIV/AIDS following the death of family members did not have the data of number and types of street children at Ngaramtoni Kimnyaki ward. Neither did they have a strategic plan to support intervention for the Street Children. This project participated on the preparation of short term and long term plan (strategic plan) to support interventions for Ngaramtoni street children. The strategic plan included activities like, provision of basic needs in form of food, clothing, shelter, medical services and accommodation to street children and youths so that they are able to fit in society as responsible citizens. Promoting community awareness and carrying out advocacy on matters related to street children (including rights), networking with other organizations and institutions for sharing information and experience as well as collaborating on interventions that are geared to improved performance, enhancing the institutional capacity of OSOTWA for effective and efficient achievement of its mission. The committee which comprises representatives from villages around Ngaramtoni, Osotwa CBO, religious leaders, representatives of like minded NGO's, Businessmen, representatives from street children participated in conducting the study, writing of the strategic plan, monitoring and evaluation of the project. (Author abstract)