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Moulton's Artist Statment: Essentially, all my work is autobiographical. Places, events, experiences, and memories that lend themselves to images that are sometimes real, sometimes imagined, sometimes symbolic, but always carefully structured. My work plays with patterns, shapes and volumes as they act and react upon each other , as they push or pull back, as they both hide and reveal. I try to achieve works that are solid and secure, works that are contemplative and do not shout, that respect clarity and simplicity. Although my work may be seen as "landscape" and "realism", it is a landscape that is personal and emotive, a realism that is an echo of something, not a reclection of it.
Frank Moulton, a native of Wollaston, Massachusetts, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1950 and from Parsons School of Design, New York, Paris, and Italy in 1953. After eight successful years as a partner in an interior design firm in Flint, Michigan, he returned to New England to explore paintings that have come to the conclusion that business no matter how profitable, was not his cup of tea. Principally self-taught, he began his career as a watercolorist, but now he works exclusively in oils.