Slavery, Christianity, and the Exodus from the Black Church

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Southern New Hampshire University
The purpose of this thesis is to address the issue of African Americans leaving Christianity and finding solace in religious ideologies which do not represent the same Judeo-Christian and democratic values that traditionally have been espoused in this United States of America. From examining the material that is available on slavery, its association with Christianity in the United States and the western hemisphere, and information on alternative ideologies being embraced by African Americans, the intention of this research is to show that the exodus was in part due to the link be Christianity and slavery in the United States. In addition, it will be shown that African Americans are finding alternative religious and philosophical ideologies more favorable because they are addressing the needs of African Americans. Some of the religious organizations that African Americans are gravitating to outside of the realm of Christianity are making those disenchanted with Christianity believe that their alternative religious ideologies are more in line with their African ancestry. Along with this, the thesis will present some of the main arguments for and against Christianity. This aspect of the project will include the use of scriptures which from the Old and New Testament showing the biblical position on slavery and perspective on conduct to be afforded to others in and outside of the Christian faith. Afterwards, this thesis will provide the cost of having a presentation conducted at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. And lastly, there a summary will be provided along with information about the online presentation that will contain highlights of the project.