Socializing signage and technology courtesy zones: A community socialization project

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project attempts to address the growing bullying problem in four schools in the Jeollanam-do region in South Korea through using students to create signage advertising against bullying and modeling appropriate behavior. Given the cultural and language barriers, the methodology chosen was to support the growth of social capital within the school community, as bullying and isolation were considered symptoms of a growing decline of social capital. Students were selected to participate in this program, which involved creating signage, monitoring bullying behavior and training stakeholders about bullying. The signage was intended to serve as the cornerstone of a larger marketing campaign done by the students to address social issues within the school and emphasized empowering students to make full use of their talents at addressing their own issues. The result of the three-month program was that observed bullying behavior did decline, although it was likely this reduction was through the increased training and awareness, rather than behavioral modification. (Author abstract)