Capacity building in participatory community project design, development and management in a local based youth organization

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Southern New Hampshire University
The objective of the study is capacity building in participatory community project design for a local community based organization. This is a case study of a project design for Mbeya Community Development Organization. The organization is a youth organ based in Mwanjelwa area in Luanda Ward within Mbeya Municipality in Mbeya Region. Mbeya Region is located in the Southwestern part of Tanzania, about 850 km from Dar es Salaam. Mbeya Community Development Organization (MCDO) was picked out of five Community based organizations that were approached for a similar exercise in Mbeya Municipality. The other organizations are MRECA, CORRECT, Bread for the Orphan Center and Eradicate Poverty Mbeya Region (ERAPO) Mbeya Community Development Organization (MCDO) was selected because of the following reasons: -Its objectives are compatible to my future-career and aspiration of becoming a professional consultant in community based organizations. -These objectives cover aspects of establishing projects that address poverty reduction, environmental conservation, promoting community education and gender issues. Organization of the report:-Chapter one gives an overview of community-based organizations, the background information of the area of the study and in particular, Mbeya Community Development Organization. The chapter explains in a nutshell the purpose of the assignment and provides an overview of Mbeya Municipal profile. This chapter also provides the details of study proceedings, work plan, resources and the project's study funding. Chapter two focus on literature review. Both theoretical and imperial reviews on the study subject are covered. Policy literature review on Community Based Organizations in Tanzania is also covered in this chapter. To achieve the purpose of the assignment, various literatures related to poverty, development, environment - poverty linkage and deforestation have been consulted. Key terms, concepts and theories are also defined. Chapter three provides a detailed explanation of the research methodology used in the study. Chapter four provides the findings and recommendations. In this chapter various shortcomings and problems of the area of study are highlighted. Chapter five provides details of the projects study implementation status and concluding remarks. (Author abstract)