Assessment of community management of water supply and sanitation projects : a case study of Hananasif Ward, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam Municipality

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Southern New Hampshire University
The management and dispensation of water supply and sanitation projects like that being administered by the Hananasif Community Development Association (HCDA) has been a chronic problem in most development countries. The HCDA started on a strong note in 1993 under the auspices of sustainable Dar Es Salaam Project. With a variety of objectives, including construction of water drainage canals, construction of water supply systems and also provision of loans. Initially all the planned activities were going well, but due to lack of focus and articulate sustainability strategies as well as monitoring indicators all the project activities became unstable and unsustainable. The main problem has been the mismanagement of the two projects by the Team, which was entrusted the management of the project on behalf of other members of the Association. The purpose of this research study is essentially to work with the stakeholders of the HCDA to develop feasible and sustainable Community management of water supply and sanitation projects, which would help the community to have sustainable water supply as well as clean environment and also reduce poverty, since it will also include some package of micro- enterprise. (Author abstract)