Improving milk handling and quality control - a way forward for increasing income to the community : the case of Serengeti Dairy Co-Operative Society Ltd in Bunda District, Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
The CBO has been dealing with milk business by trading the same products of the same quality, using the same tools and techniques for milk selling over 40 years. In brief the CBO were purchasing and selling milk direct to the customers in fresh, boiled or fermented without any further transformations. That mode of business operations did not attract upward mobility of the CBO business that is why over that long period of time the CBO was still on the same pace. So, this situation attracted the author to build an interest of conducting this study so that it can come out with causative factors and find alternatives, which can help the CBO to go forward. So far, milk handling and quality control was found to be one of the burning issues (problem) of the CBO. To embark upon this situation, the CBO was assisted to develop and establish a project, which pave the way on how it can address the problem of milk handling and quality control. The project was developed after being acquainted with the goal, mission, overall and specific objectives of the CBO. Also developing and establishing of the CBO project came in hand after making a thorough study for the CBO business operations. Here the study analysed how the CBO conduct milk business, what are the strength and obstacles, which impede effectives of the entire business and upward mobility in terms business expansion and income enhancement. So, the study comes out with a project of capacity building by empowering the target group with knowledge and skills of milk marketing, entrepreneurship and best practice of milk business operations and management. (Author abstract)