Kawe Mpiji Habitat Group (KMHG) self help housing production project

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Southern New Hampshire University
Housing is one of the oldest problems facing human being. Yet housing is one of the three main human essential needs to life other being food and clothing. To date no single nation in the world has been able to provide its citizens with adequate housing. Inadequate housing has been mainly caused by limited resources due to the cost involved, which is always very high. Tanzania like many other developing countries is experiencing unabated high rate of rural urban migration. People are migrating to towns in search of employment opportunities, physical and social amenities and other services, which are abundant in towns as compared to rural areas. As a result of this, the housing shortage/problem emerged. The Government could not be able to solve this problem because of the merger financial resources available for many other pressing wants. Efforts by the Government to solve the problem through various projects proved futile. The most hit group of the population is the poor who do not own collaterals to secure loan from financial Institutions for own housing construction. Today the Government is reluctant to assist low income people to have access to their own housing. Instead the Government encourages CBOS, NGOS in collaboration with Local Authorities to address the matter. In view of the above change of Government housing policy to poor people, it is now suffice to say that self-help community based housing production is one way of solvinghousing due to lack of capital, expertise and guidance but they can participate fully by offering their labour force and other small contributions. Self-help community housing production should be supported by the government through various aspects; such as providing land/plots for housing construction, providing technical assistance, tax exemption to the building materials used in the construction process and training of the poor communities on the importance of self-help programs. As well as financial assistance in order to boost the financial problems facing poor families. Self help community based housing production has proved to be a solution to the housing problem facing poor people in many developing countries Tanzania not excluded. This research report will try to develop a proposal for program implementation to be partially financed by a Non Governmental not for profit organization dealing with poor communities in assisting to produce own simple, durable and decent housing, the Habitat for Humanity of Tanzania, at Mapinga village, Mpiji area in Bagamoyo District in order to enable its members about 297 to have access to decent accommodation through community self help housing production scheme. (Author abstract)