A project proposal for a borehole water supply at Machimbo, Vituka Ward, Temeke Municipality, Dar es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
The main objective of this study was to write a project proposal for a borehole construction for poverty alleviation for a Community Based Organization namely Vituka Machimbo Development Association (VMDA) The conceptual framework was tested through a survey of 120 community members 64 males and 37 females in Machimbo area at Vituka ward Temeke Municipality Dar es Salaam. The survey methodologies used were both theoretical and empirical literature review, site visit, physical observation, meetings and discussions. Questionnaire survey and interview were also conducted.Results revealed that all the respondents were facing water shortage problem and all of them were willing to contribute in cash and in kind. Various social economic problem associated with water shortage which were revealed through survey were water related diseases, high work load and burden of water to women, poor hygiene at primary schools and disturbance of carrying water from home to school and low income due to high water expenditure. The study recommends capacity building to community leaders so as to gain the skills and resources, which will enable them to mobilize the community for their own economic development.The results indicated that almost all the recourses are available at the community but the main problem is lack of mobilization among the community CBO leaders and local government leaders. The proposal prepared as a result of this study will enable the government and donors to top up the 5% of the total cost of the borehole construction which will supply water to community members and therefore reduce poverty in the community. Indeed the study has gradually evolved an appreciation of the need to take a much more holistic approach to study on the water security of boreholes in high density and low-income settlements in peri-urban areas in Dar es Salaam city. This would mean grounding theoretical frameworks much more on solutions to water problems in Dar es Salaam for poverty alleviation. (Author abstract)