Face of Despair

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Face of Despair is one photograph from Jesse Burke's personal work called Wild and Precious. The series brings together treasures from multiple road trips by Jesse Burke when he traveled with his daughter to explore the natural world. He used the adventures to encourage a connection between his child and nature and to give her an education that he considered essential and one that develops and appreciation, respect for conservation and growing self-confidence. On the road, they talked about the vastness of nature and tried to get more in touch with the earth. Together they documented the routes they drove, the landscapes they discovered, the creatures they encountered and even the motels where they slept. Wild and precious reveals the fragile complicated relationship that humans share with nature and attempts to strengthen those bonds. Each image title in the series is named after a song that Johnny Cash wrote or recorded. His music and lyrics were a big part of their collective experience when on the road. Further information on the series as well as the video for Wild and Precious is available on the Artists' website.
Photography, Color Photograph, Portrait, Children, Parenting, Nature