[St. Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church (SSPP)]

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "SS. Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church (SSPP) is situated in the heart of an urban neighborhood on the west side of the City of Rochester, New York. The parish is located within the northern portion of an area identified as the Bronson-Wilder Conservation Area. Approximately 70% of the residents qualify as low or moderate income (less than 80% of the SMSA median income). This area is generally divided into three separate yet very small neighborhoods: Lower Dutchtown, Susan B. Anthony and Mayor's Heights. The focus of this project has been primarily in the Lower Dutchtown and Susan B. Anthony neighborhoods. The problems addressed by my project have been: the decline of the housing stock; the prevalence of drugs in our neighborhood; and the lack of an organized group actively pursuing the need to address such problems. Rather than treating them separately we see these as interrelated problems. Without an organized group to monitor problems in the area, housing and drug problems develop and nothing happens. As the housing stock declines some residents move out due to declining property values and houses convert to absentee-owned rental property. Some of these properties are rented to drug dealers who supply addicted residents. Generally, individual residents who know about drug houses are very afraid to take on this problem. They realize that this kind of problem is not just one individual's problem and that people need to have an organized voice to bring about change." (Library derived description)