Promotion of Umoja Savings and Credit Society LTD : a case study from Kiwanja cha Ndege Ward Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study is concerned with the promotion of Umoja Savings Group working at Kiwanja cha Ndege Ward Morogoro. The promotion has been conducted through sensitization of leaders and community so that they become aware with the strategies employed in the group to promote savings and credit mechanism. The process also focused on building the capacity of Umoja group members to acquire skills that would enable them to improve share contribution and capital for investment in the income generating activities for the members. It is assumed that by promoting the group, such endeavor can allow them to acquire a legal status that will enable them to have trust, hence, being in a position to contribute and raise their capital to invest and improve their income. The sensitization meetings were performed through organized community meetings in the ward. Here community members met with the Ward leaders and the facilitator. In additional there were regular home base training and sensitization on savings and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. As for the training, the facilitator worked with the group and coached them on how to stimulate members to save and methods of selecting income-generating projects to invest. The ward community development officer and cooperative officer were the officials responsible for supervisory activities. Indicator measured during the supervision were on the number of sensitization meetings conducted, the number of people interested to join the group, the amount of share contributed by the group since inception to date and availability of a constitution. The constitution is an important document since it helps the group to acquire legal status. Other indicators include people awareness and management performance. (Author abstract)