Evaluation of Mbagala Kwanyoka Development Trust : Temeke Municipality

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Southern New Hampshire University
This research project on the role of CBOs in water supply and delivery involving" Mbagala Kwanyoka Development Trust" in Temeke District, Dar es Salaam City was conducted starting from September 2003 to February 2005. The main aim of the research was to determine the level of community participation in water supply services. The research results were envisaged to enhance the managerial capacity of the local CBOs in mobilizing local communities for sustainable development. Needs assessments and SWOT analysis was carried out to establish the CBO's needs priority and its capacity to address such problems. The identified immediate need was low community participation in water supply services. A community survey was conducted to assess the levels and factors affecting community participation in water supply services. A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was carried out in Mbagala Kwanyoka area; a sample size of 30 households was selected at random for interview. The survey results indicate that the majority of respondents, 73.3% were willing to pay water supply fees. But the monthly rates affordable by the community were 6,000/= - 10,000/= T.shs (50%of respondents), 1,000/= - 5,000/= T.shs (46.7% of respondents), and above 10,000/= T.shs (3.3% of respondents). On average the majority of residents could afford to pay within 5,000/= to 10,000/= T.shs. It was recommended to increase the level of community participation in terms of financial resources and labour. In order to implement the recommendation a project proposal for fund raising to support training seminars on borehole water management was developed. (Author abstract)