Capitol Area Community Development Corporation : renovation of low-income housing project

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "This final report will illustrate the process that Capitol Area Community Development Corporation under went to produce a low income housing renovation project. The purpose of this project was to address the need of affordable decent housing for low-income residents. The other objective was to alleviate the blighted areas and to begin a comprehensive revitalization plan for the neighborhood. The first phase of the revitalization plan was to begin renovating the substandard housing that already exists in the community, and then build new homes on the vacant lots that exists. This project would create other avenues for more productivity to take place in the community. This project has thus far, created a job training program for the neighborhood residents. We are looking at creating a neighborhood Construction Company. This phase of Housing Revitalization will position the community to begin to identify and target new businesses to come into the neighborhood to operate. Capitol Area Community Development Corporation was created to bring about a physical, social and economic change to this disenfranchised neighborhood. Our motto is to : "Build a Better Community With the Unity of the People!"" (Library derived description)