Support to most vulnerable children through building a day care centre : a case of Kabalenzi Village - Ngara District

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Southern New Hampshire University
Community needs assessment in Kabalenzi village in Ngara district revealed a problem of increasing number of most vulnerable children in the village and limited support provided to them. Responding to this problem, members of the community started a day care center which operated in a temporary building where children were looked after during the day and return to their families in the evening. As well this center also provided children with services of justice, resources and welfare. This project is about support of Most Vulnerable Children through building permanent structures for a day care center. Out of the objectives of supporting these most vulnerable children in Kabalenzi village, one objective of building permanent structures for a day care center through community participation is examined. The community of Kabalenzi village participated in collection of local (non industrial) building materials (stones, aggregates, sand, water) and supplied labour to this project under the supervision of Kanazi Youth Aid organization. Up to December 2006, one classroom, one office, one store and two pit latrine, were constructed. Ngara council contributed Tshs. 13, 486,000 (80%) out of Tshs. 16,782,400 which was used for construction of a day care center and the Community contributed Tshs 3,296,400. From the research findings, it has been revealed that the day-care center can provide a sustainable solution to MVC problems. The researcher recommends that the day-care centers should be established in every village of Ngara district and possibly the whole country, whereby MVC services can be centrally coordinated hence many MVC can be reached. (Author abstract)