Transnational advocacy networks confront transnational tobacco marketing

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Southern New Hampshire University
World Health Organization's (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is a major blow to the worldwide expansion strategies and marketing practices of transnational tobacco companies. As expected, the industry vehemently opposed the treaty, lobbying instead for voluntary agreements and regulation by the market. However, in spite of bitter and persistent opposition by the tobacco industry, the FCTC was adopted by WHO. If the tobacco industry 'lost' its battle to prevent FCTC from being institutionalized, who 'won' and how? Our research suggests that Transnational Advocacy Network's (set of non-state actors working together on an international issue that are bound together by shared values, common discourse, and dense exchange of information and services) efforts won the battle by being able to better convince the decision-makers as to the needs of the FCTC by relying on, and successfully disseminating, its knowledge, expertise and ideas.
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