The Implementation of Special Education Services in Rural Versus Urban Public Schools

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Southern New Hampshire University
The implementation of special education services was compared between rural and urban public schools in the United States. To answer this question, existing laws and policies were evaluated and analyzed, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), among others. Interviews were conducted with rural and urban families and educators who are involved in special education. Interviews were used to gain personal experience and opinions on SPED implementation. The literature collected includes information surrounding the history of special education, other laws and policies that protect the rights of students with disabilities, the services provided in urban and rural public schools and their limitations, special education teacher preparation, and the relationship between special education and race. Findings from this research showed that there are few differences between rural and urban schools, with the main difference being the amount of funding the two regions receive. There has been great progress in special education, but more improvements can be made.