Using agricultural activities to enhance income among people with disabilities : the case of Ilala Ward, Dar es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
Community Needs Assessment that was carried out in Ilala Ward, Ilala Municipality, Dar es Salaam Region, revealed that persistence of income poverty among people with disabilities in the Ward was a major community concern. The overall goal of the project was to empower people with disabilities so that they could live economically independent lives. The study objective was to assess the impact of capacity building among people with disabilities in Ilala Ward. Major outcomes of this project were enhanced incomes for disabled people through agricultural activities, empowerment through training in good agricultural practices and entrepreneur ship. The project seems to be sustainable because of the commitment shown by disabled people, training in good agricultural practices and entrepreneurship conducted and availability of land, of about 910 hectares at Mtamba village - Kisarawe district, Coast Region, whereas, each member was given five hectares and utilizes for agricultural activities. (Author abstract)